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Our starting point which we are building on is one example of a groundhouse : a home aligned-with-nature. Through a process of collaboration we designed & built our own earthship home in Brittany, France. The Brittany Groundhouse featured on Channel 4 Grand Designs.

We welcome opportunities for creative collaboration – whether it’s new ecobuilds, indigenous designs, ecoretrofits of existing homes, ecotechnologies, or bigger questions like planning and access to land – we are keen to help communicate your vision through The Groundhouse and the production of short 101Vision films.  We are currently working on a 101Vision for Strawbale Building with Bee Rowan.

We are also providing one to one coaching to help people realise their own groundhouse and ecobuild projects.  For earthship projects we provide a package which includes groundhouse drawing, planning and technical documents, combined with 5 hours of time to help orchestrate the early stage thinking or planning approaches.  For other ecobuilds, we can provide practical advice and coaching at the inception stage of a project – helping save time energy and money down the line.  Request a free 20 minute Skype call on your project here

Daren Howarth, Adrianne Nortje, The Groundhouse

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