• 14 solar electric panels with capacity of 2.3kw per hour generate of an annual income from selling back to the national grid at a premium
  • Designed down power consumption using most energy efficient appliances and lighting
  • Solar hot water preheating

Design aim: groundhouse is zero carbon producing more electricity than consumed

The main electrics are conventional.  We put in a 2 way connection to the national grid and secured a beneficial feeder tariff from EDF the power company.  There are no expensive batteries to buy in and maintain and our grid connection means we need no backup power supply.

For minimum impact and running costs, all electric appliances are selected for ultra energy efficiency.  Lighting is mainly based on energy efficient compact fluoresent lights.  For the kitchen and hallways we have installed ultra efficient bespoke LED pendant lighting from Luminair.  These ‘drop’ lights are made from sustainably grown back walnut with LED technology to provide ultra low consumption and a spot lighting effect.  Use of the top up electric water heating in the thermal store is minimised by daily water heating off the roof.

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