In just over a year the Groundhouse was built, and after we had lived in it for a further year, the house was completely finished and bedded into the land. The field the Earthship sites in has been transformed from bracken and brambles to an ecosystem that includes an ecohouse that can meet many of the needs of a modern family.

Even though we went through the extreme weather seasons of a changing climate, the house 

has been great to live in. Even in winter, the whole house is light, making it much easier to be indoors during the day. It is also warm. Our design has gives comfortable temperatures year round for free, with easy back up heating in winter a beautiful Hwam lean burn fire.

The space and layout also works well with each room having its own pleasure to discover. Waking up in the long room and looking out over the gardens as the sun rises through the oaks of the east boundary… the roundroom coming into its own as work space in the day and playroom at night… cheap car rental and the combined kitchen and fireroom provides the perfect space to gather, cook and eat in. Add to this the Groundhouse shower with its freely flowing solar hot water and the picture is almost complete of living not just in a form of luxury but also aligned with nature…with the biosphere.