groundhouse sheppey

The Groundhouse team are working with Heidi and Sav to support their plans to build a new home on the Isle of Sheppey in the UK.  After an initial engagement with the project in 2015 on Groundhouse Start Up coaching and Jon Kalviac’s initial site survey, Heidi and Sav produced their own drawings from the original Groundhouse plans, adapting them to meet their family needs.

In December 2016 they secured full planning permission from Swale Borough Council for Groundhouse Sheppey. The application was rejected by planners in the council due to the status of the land, but was passed by councillors on the Planning Committee in a landslide show of support for the Groundhouse project.  The are now in the process of selling their existing home and we are helping them with Build Coaching to give them the best possible chance of realising their vision.  They do face a big challenge since they are doing a self build, but with limited scope to put in time themselves, instead needing to take on a freelance team from within our network and locally.


I first met Heidi and Sav in Brittany, where they stayed to get a proper feel for the design.  From the start I sensed they have what it will take to do this build, and provide a good example of an earthship home in the UK.

This is another example of people aiming to self build a high quality home that aligns with the biosphere, 

More soon…

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