I first stepped into an earthship in the weeks running up to the start of building earthship brighton

This was back in 2003, when we had pulled together project funding, planning permission and the new organisation, the Low Carbon Trust, it felt like time for a reality check.  We were about to start building – to really put the ideas of ‘low carbon’ building and living on the map.  And everything about earthships felt right to me.  Innovative, low cost, low carbon, low impact and just plain ‘doable’ by our diverse team.

The Earthship is probably the model of a sustainable home unrivaled in the modern world – David Pearson

So the final stages of planning took place in Taos, New Mexico, at the Greater World earthship community where Michael Reynolds and his ‘biotecture’ earthship building crews live and work.

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Our HomeHuts project aims to crack a tough nut.  Build anywhere, build or pack away in a day or two, keep it affordable by just about anyone, and make it a home aligned by nature being off grid and with natural materials. ip info  Small but substantial. parental security Duncan Passmore has been working on the Shepherd’s Hut indigenous shelter with Schumacher College in Devon.  It is this scale of space that we want to take through the next round of design and experimentation to make this kind of design modular and easy to move and build.

Watch this space…

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