Glass South Face – the entire front face opens.  Each room is glazed with operable windows for ventilation which sit over the top of trifolding doors. The back skylights and air vents are triple glazed poly carbonate and all vents are gravity operated using yatching cleats. Heavy curtains are used to reduce night time heat loss and a thermal drop down blind is used in the kitchen.

Solar Hot Water – a very large array is installed for heating water directly from the sun.  This is mounted on the front of the building.  The system uses black silicon tubing to carry the hotwater and a covering of glass tiles fitted to roofing bars.  The result is 11m2 of roof which harvests hot water free from the sun. Key to the design is the very large domestic solar hot water tank.  At 1000 litres, the tank is 5 many times bigger than a conventional tank – storing plenty of hot water during sunny days, and keeping a supply for cloudy days.

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strawbale building provides beautiful affordable homes and anyone can get involved – Bee Rowan

I travelled to Ireland and stayed as a guest with Carina Mount Charles at Rock Farm Slane, on the banks of the river Boyne, where Bee Rowan was orchestrating new Strawbale building projects.  We filmed Bee and her team on location harvesting straw from the fields, and putting the first of the Rock Farm straw buildings together. The film is being edited down to a 3 minute 101vision on strawbale building with Bee Rowan.

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